Sofar brings Indie artists to Magnolia Roots in Wake Forest

Asbury Park’s Lowlight was the headline at the Sofar event at Magnolia Roots in Wake Forest.

Asbury Park’s Lowlight was the headline at the Sofar event at Magnolia Roots in Wake Forest.

Having a blog that promotes the people, places and industries in the state you call home sometimes has its perks.

While preparing for a good, in-depth house cleaning on a dreary Saturday morning, we received a text from Magnolia Roots co-owner, Howard Sadel, asking if we wanted to have our names put on the guest list for a Sofar Sounds live show, that was just announced to perform at his venue in downtown Wake Forest.

What is a Sofar Sounds show? Well, it’s a live show, that brings guests and artists closer together. Each performance is typically at a smaller venue and features three diverse acts – usually with no headliner. And typically the guests, as well as the owner of the venue don’t know who the performers are until the day of the event – which leads to a nice surprise.

The afternoon usually consists of three artists performing 4 songs each. A great way to take in a small collection of songs by artists you might have never heard before. And such was the case for our afternoon.

First up was Clayton Wyatt, a musician who drove up from Atlanta that afternoon to perform 4 tracks, including an Alicia Keys cover. Some of his influences include James Vincent McMorrow and Jeff Buckley.

Next up was Nolä, an Indie pop songwriter with synth pop and underground electronic influences. She, along with her friend, performed four tracks while comfortably sitting on the stage along with her MacBook.

The final acts of the evening was Lowlight hailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey. They joined the Sofar set between gigs in Asheville and Arlington, Virginia. Singer Dana Sellers told the crowd in-between songs about how the band met, and eventually landed an opening slot touring with legendary singer Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders.

For upcoming events at Magnolia Roots Music Lounge, visit its website here.

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