Crushed Dreams … Rosé Lazy Days Goes Awry!


By Jen Primrose

As I sit down to write this, anxiously awaiting the cooler temperatures, I glance up at the calendar. Is it already Fall?  Granted, it’s my absolute favorite season. I love watching the leaves turn vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow, watching football and cranking out the fire pit and roasting S’mores. There is so much to look forward to as we ride into the homestretch of 2019.

It seems like yesterday when I came up with this fabulous idea for another Triangle Around Town Summer Rosé series, “Lazy Days and Rosé.” Who would have thought we would take the lazy days part to heart! With each passing day as summer slowly slipped by, so did our inspiration to write about that pink drink.

We tried. We really did! We kicked off our series with a Rosé Fest at The Wine Feed in Durham. And aside from partaking in a rosé wine, beer or cider here and there, the series dwindled before our weary eyes.

So many ideas for incorporating the pink drink were sprawled across our white board in our office. We had big plans with our main summer event being a Shades of Pink party. The ideas were there – pink cupcakes, pink attire, pink invitations, pink balloons and of course the pink wine! I was even set to get Dathan his very own ‘Brosé All Day’ shirt so he would fit right in. We were going to study the varying shades of pink as we tasted each Rosé from France to California and even right here in North Carolina.

We had our bottles and cans of local Rosé wines to share with everyone as well. A vertical tasting featuring Jones von Drehle’s pink drink – Rosa Dia. We picked up a couple cans of RayLen’s latest Rosé wine. We were supposed to pick up the latest vintage of Piccione’s Rosé that we both love – but that didn’t happen either. We were set to do our In the Kitchen as we paired a Rosé wine with a summer salad as we rocked out to Pink Floyd and finish the evening off with a favorite pink dessert – Rosé cupcakes with homemade sorbet.  We were even thinking of a twitter live feed, drinking pink wine and watching the classic “Pretty in Pink.”

But with each sunset, we said goodbye to another day of summer and another Rosé that was left sitting in a wine cooler begging to be consumed. How does the saying from Robert Burns go? “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” It happens. No matter how a project is planned, accidents or misfortune can still happen!

So, as we bid adieu to Summer 2019, we also bid adieu to a summer series gone awry. But don’t fret, the pink drink is here to stay. And the new Fall Series has us craving something crisp, light and fruity. Stay tuned!