Durham Distillery Announces New Cocktail Bar – Corpse Reviver

Lee and Melissa Katrincic, co-owners, Durham Distillery.

Lee and Melissa Katrincic, co-owners, Durham Distillery.

The owners of Durham Distillery are pleased to announce plans for the forthcoming craft cocktail bar – Corpse Reviver.

“Since opening the distillery in 2015, it has been our goal to showcase our Conniption gins in cocktails, but ABC restrictions have prohibited us from doing so,” says co-owner Melissa Katrincic. “Corpse Reviver is a natural complement to our award-winning Conniption Gin brand and distillery, and will provide an opportunity for us to bring our premium Conniption Gin to life, just as other distilleries have done across the U.S.”

This is made possible following legislations approval of Senate Bill 290 on July 16. This will enable cocktails to be served at distilleries, making it possible for the distilleries to operate a bar as well as the distillery and tours.

“We’ve been lucky to be a part of the downtown Durham scene for four years, but it’s been in a limited capacity,” says co-owner Lee Katrincic. This new legislation will also allow Durham Distillery to sell its canned cocktails during its weekly Friday and Saturday distillery tours.

Corpse Reviver will be located on the ground floor of the distillery with an entrance and outdoor patio. The new bar, named after its location in a former coffin shop, will serve up drinks such as the Corpse Reviver #2 – a refreshing drink composed of gin, absinthe, Cointreau and lemon juice. Corpse Reviver is scheduled to open in early 2020.