Lazy Days and Rosé

It all started with the hashtag, #RoséAllDay, and the next thing you know, everything is coming up rosé. From versatile rosé wines made with Pinot Noir, Mourvedre or Sangiovese to the latest trends of rosé ciders and beer – pink is in – and there is no denying it! You might as well just jump on that #YesWayRosé bandwagon and embrace the pink drink. Because after all, the world does look better through rosé-tinted glasses. And what other wine varietals can claim to own as many hashtags in the world of social mayhem we now live in?

All joking aside, rosé wine has taken off over the past few years, and especially during the warmer months, as it’s the perfect complement to the backyard BBQ or sitting out under the stars at the symphony. You may find yourself suddenly revisiting your 20s as you first began delving into wine – thinking it was the cool thing to do to order that bottle of Beringer White Zinfandel when out with friends. Yet looking back, you wonder what in the world were you thinking. Surely, rosé is for the novice wine drinker, right? Wrong. Not all rosé wines are created the same.

A couple of years ago on our wine tasting adventures, we gained a deeper appreciation for this style of wine. So much so that we did two summer series, “Swine and Rosé,” where we paired a pork dish with a rosé and our “Sorbet and Rosé” series where we paired a homemade sorbet with a rosé. And this Summer we’ll be celebrating the many shades of pink in our new series, Lazy Days and Rosé.

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Follow along as we highlight everything pink during our lazy days of summer and feature the versatility of this wine from food pairings, music pairings as well as book and movie pairings. Enjoying a glass on the porch swing, in a hammock, at the campground, at the beach, in a tiny house, and of course, at the vineyard. How this wine gets its pinkish hue, where this wine originated from and many more fun facts. And let us not forget our friends – beer and cider. These industries have also caught the pink bug and we will delve into those new creations during our lazy summer days as well.

So, sit back, open a bottle, pour yourself a glass and enjoy our Lazy Days and Rosé!

We kicked off our series with a Rosé Fest! at The Wine Feed in Durham, which was held on May 18.  It was a day filled with food trucks, vendors, games and over 30 rosé wines from around the world. Everything from a DeMorgenzon from South Africa to a Lambrusco from Italy’s Venturini Baldini. We enjoyed most that we tried. Check out our slideshow below of the event as well as Dathan’s review on the event. Also be sure to visit the Wine Feed with locations in Raleigh and Durham.