Wine Review: Bedrock Wine Company 2018 North Coast Syrah


It is the experience of Bedrock Wine Co.’s Morgan Twain-Peterson and Chris Cottrell that makes their winery one to keep your eyes on. Known for their amazing Zinfandels and blends, we were fortunate to meet Cottrell back in November of last year during a food and wine pairing at Raleigh’s Vidrio restaurant.

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We bought several of the wines that paired perfectly with our meals that evening. Three months later, letting the wine age some in our cellar, we decided to open it up for a pairing with cheese, crackers and some hard salami. We’re ready to give you our thoughts on this wine with our brand new review system.

Below you’ll see three reviews for the same wine: The Einstein (a Sommelier approach to the wine); The Simpleton, which we used Gomer Pyle (giving you fruits and flavors that you might expect to find in the wine, but not the best way to describe a wine); and The Unicorn (our salute to some of our favorite writers such as Hunter Thompson, William S. Burroughs and Chuck Palahniuk).

Winery: Bedrock Wine Company
Location: Somona, California
Wine: North Coast Syrah, 2016
Average Price: $29.99
Date Sampled: Feb. 2, 2019


The 2016 North Coast Syrah’s appearance pours into your glass – deep, purple and brilliant. Although the nose is more on the weak than pronounced side, its development is well-balanced with good complexity. Fruit characters do come across upon deep inhalation of the wine glass – with spice and floral towards the end. The acidity and tannins are low to medium with a nice full finish. Ready to drink now – the North Coast Syrah’s final conclusion is a winner. Pairs well with hard cheeses like Gouda as well as barbecue, lamb and braised beef.


Dark berries, violets and black pepper are what come to mind when we drank the 2016 North Coast Syrah from Bedrock Wine Co. Typically, Syrah’s can be very powerfully flavored and full-bodied – this one doesn’t disappoint – however we’d describe it more of a medium body and well-balanced. Maybe a little bit of chocolate upon secondary tastes.


It’s like baking your dream dessert all inside the workings of a Riedel glass. The dark juice of fresh berries. The smell of early spring when the earliest aroma of violets are just starting to fill the air. And just that right amount of freshly grounded pepper – straight from one of those tremendous pepper grinders gripped tight around the hands of a kid working at a fancy Italian restaurant. Mix those together as part of Bedrock Wine Company’s 2016 North Coast Syrah, and you have the makings of a perfect, well-deserved glass of wine.