Piccione Vineyards' Klepcyk to become new NCWA Vice President


On February 6 it was announced on Piccione Vineyards Facebook page that tasting room manager Hailey Klepcyk has been elected Vice President of the North Carolina Winegrowers Association. Klepcyk has spent over 10-years in the wine industry and came to Piccione back in 2015.

We decided to reach out to Klepcyk and find out a little more about her new title at the NCWA.

Congratulations on becoming the new VP for the NCWA. How do you feel, and when do you start your position as VP? I’m excited. The position is effective immediately. I’m looking forward to my position and working with the entire board again this year. It is a great association working to be an asset to those in the industry and those considering entering the industry.

There appears to be currently 68 winery members in the NCWA. Will you be a part in trying to grow that number, since we have around 150 wineries in the state? Absolutely. We work hard every year to increase the number of winery members and really to let people know that we are here to offer help and support. It is a rapidly growing industry and the more we are able to work together to accomplish certain tasks, the faster the possibility is of those tasks getting done. The NC Winegrowers Association is a wonderful resource when it comes to all aspects of the industry, including viticulture, enology, research, marketing and even public recognition.

Was this your first time trying for this position, or any other position with NCWA? I was elected to the board last year and VP this year.

The NC wine industry is continuing to grow. What is something new we can expect to see in 2019 that will help the industry grow more? New faces! This industry is growing at a tremendously fast pace and that means new growers, new winery owners, new vineyards. It is an exciting and critical time for the wine industry in North Carolina and we hope to share that excitement with the public. So go try some local wine.