National Drink Wine Day

Today is National Drink Wine Day. I’m sure we probably don’t have to convince you with another reason to crack open a bottle of wine today – but we will sure try!

National Drink Wine Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated annually on February 18. What’s the purpose, you ask? The purpose is to celebrate the joy and health benefits of wine.

Some of those include not getting sunburned, living longer, procyanidins that protect against heart disease and as a way to avoid diabetes.

That makes today a perfect day to pop the cork on your favorite bottle of red, white, rosé or bubbly and raise a glass up to your health.

In honor of NDWD, we reached out to a handful of local North Carolina wine bloggers and friends in the wine industry and asked them to share photos of them enjoying a bottle of #NCWine. That list includes NC Wine Guys, Wine Mouths, Weddings by the Vine, Wine Carolinas and Winery Escapades.

We’re all drinking wine … we suggest you do the same.