Pretty in Pink: Celebrating National Rosé Day

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By Jennifer Primrose

Saturday, June 9 is National Rosé Day. A time to celebrate all things pink to complement the perfect summer wine. National Rosé Day has been observed the second Saturday in June since 2015. This day is dedicated to raising awareness of this varietal that has not always received the attention it so rightly deserves. Face it, when you think of rosé wine what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Naturally, it’s Beringer White Zinfandel, right? This was my go-to wine in my 20s and then at some point along the way, I turned my nose up at all rosé wines. It was just a couple of years ago, while gallivanting through North Carolina wine country, that we started to realize that this pink drink actually tasted … well, good! What changed, we may never know. Either way, this wine has become a favorite of ours, especially in the summertime. From sitting on the front porch swing at sunset with a glistening glass in hand to pairing with a refreshing homemade sorbet. It even scored its own hashtag … #RoséAllDay!

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So, what is it about rosé wines and what grape produces this deliciousness? Is there a rosé grape? Actually, no. Rosé wines are usually made from red grapes that incorporate the color from the grape skins to give it that pinkish hue. The level of pink of course depends on the length of time the grape skin stays in contact with the juice. This type of wine, we’ve learned, also may very well be the oldest. With this versatile wine you may find dry or sweet rosé; sparkling or even semi-sparkling. It’s just a fun little wine absolutely perfect for a summertime picnic.

With National Rosé Day just around the corner, naturally we must celebrate! It’s the perfect time to gather the girls (or guys) and host a Pink or Rosé All Day party. Break out the wine and host tastings or even blind tastings to find that one special pink drink that is sure to become your favorite! Not sure what to serve? Go to your local bottle shop and ask for suggestions. Another idea is to experiment with rosé cocktails or even use as a sangria base and see how versatile this wine truly is. You can also pair your wines with some favorite h’orderves or use some of that wine to make some delicious rosé cupcakes. Be sure to ask your guests to get in the spirit by wearing pink.

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Rosé cupcakes paired with Rosé wine is the perfect pairing

If hosting a party is not your thing, consider pairing your favorite rosé with dinner or plan a quiet evening at home on the front porch sipping to your favorite tunes. Don’t have a favorite, this is the perfect opportunity to visit your local shop and find something new and give it a go. Face it, the wine gods are giving us yet another excuse to pop the cork … we must not disappoint.

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As for us this year, we’ll be celebrating #NationalRoséDay at one of our favorite wineries, Williamsburg Winery in Williamsburg, Virginia. We’ll be enjoying the Uncorked and Unplugged concert series featuring the one and only Jason Mraz. If luck will have it, we will also be sipping on a bottle of Williamsburg Winery 2017 Wessex Hundred Dry Rosé while we sit back and enjoy the tunes.

So, there you have it. National Rosé Day. How do you plan to celebrate? We’d love to hear from you!

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Note: August 14 is also recognized as International Rosé Day. Some calendars only list August 14 while others only consider June 9 as the true Rosé Day, while still others choose to recognize the entire month of August as rose’ month. As for us, aside from our “drink what you like when you feel like it or #JustDrink," we enjoy celebrating this varietal all summer long!