Durham's first food truck rodeo venue on the horizon

County Fare Food Trucks and Bar Durham.jpg

Saturday, March 17, 2018

If you have driven by the Lakewood area in Durham anytime in the last several months, you probably noticed a distinctive red barn being constructed along Chapel Hill Rd. This is the home of the soon-to-be open County Fare. 

Owners Gil Scharf, Steve Frasher, Peter Savarino and Richard Savarino hope their unique concept perfectly blends all that is the Durham food and drink scene.

County Fare will have anywhere from 3 to 5 food trucks onsite that will rotate daily. “The idea is to not only let customers eat from some of the best food trucks you will find anywhere, but to also allow new experiences every time you come,” says Peter Savarino. “You could come on a Tuesday for a work dinner and bring your family back on a Friday and have totally different trucks and different food options.”

County Fare will open in April and will serve as a permanent venue where people can eat from the wide variety of quality food trucks that are based out of both Durham and Raleigh. The project consists of a large barn that will house a bar, offering 30 different beers, ciders, and wines as well as plenty of seating. Additionally, there are 2 large covered patios and a big outdoor area for seating and games. 

The unique property even features old oak trees that the owners say provide great shade in the summer. Along with the trucks and bar, County Fare will have a small kitchen of their own. “We want to offer a super-casual and easy experience for our customers. At County Fare we are offering the Food Truck Rodeo experience that everyone loves, but making it even better by offering tons of seating, drinks, and other amenities that rodeos often can’t provide,” added Richard Savarino.

“We hope that the Triangle starts to think of us as a hub where you can go to experience the area’s acclaimed food truck scene whenever you want," Steve Frasher added. “Our focus is on great food and an amazing atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else.”