The Largest Triangle-Area Breweries

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Local Triangle breweries have been gaining some attention lately, at least from the ones that like to hand out awards. Earlier this week, 8 breweries in the area won medals during the 2017 U.S. Open Beer Championship. Over 6,000 beers were entered into the competition – featuring over 100 different beer styles.

And that got us to thinking. With 45 breweries in the Triangle – which ones are the largest? What would be the best way to do that? Well, on July 7 the Triangle Business Journal made that pretty easy – as they released for the first time, its "Largest Triangle Breweries" list. Ranked by the number of beer barrels produced by each brewery in 2016. Now take in mind, this isn't saying these are the best breweries that are serving up amazing sours or hoppy IPAs. This is ranked essentially by the size of the breweries barrel productions.

So without further adieu, here's the breakdown – starting from 20 and working our way to the number 1 position.

(Note: Apex's Brüeprint reached out to us with their numbers, which was now added to the total. With 1,600 barrels produced in 2016, that places them at No. 14 on the list. Which takes off Clouds Brewing, which produced 760 barrels in 2016).

20. Nickelpoint Brewing Co.: 800

19. Gizmo Brew Works: 1,090

18. Bond Brothers Beer Co.: 1,200

17. Mystery Brewing Co.: 1,400

16. Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery: 1,500

15. Crank Arm Brewing Co.: 1,500

14. Brüeprint Brewing: 1,600

13. Ponysaurus Brewing Co: 2,000

12. Double Barley Brewing: 2,250

11. Trophy Brewing Co.: 2,500

10. Lynwood Brewing Concern: 3,750

09. Deep River Brewing Co.: 4,000

08. Carolina Brewing Co.: 4,000

07. Raleigh Brewing Co.: 5,500

06. Carolina Brewery: 5,735

05. Fullsteam: 5,745

04. White Street Brewing Co.: 7,500

03. Big Boss Brewing Co.: 11,000

02. Aviator Brewing Co: 11,316

01. Lonerider Brewing Co.: 19,000

SOURCE: Triangle Business Journal