Hey Catholics! It's Lent! What Fish Sandwich Will You Eat?

By Dathan Kazsuk 

I'm typically not a fan of fast food “fish” sandwiches, because, c’mon now … they are fast food fish sandwiches! But when that Lenten time of the year rolls around, I find myself on Fridays eating something boring such as a salad with some veggies on top – or going to one of the local fast food establishments and ordering, you guessed it, a fish sandwich.

So instead of just feeling the guilt of eating fast food fish, I thought I’d make a blog out of this. It will sort of put some justification to my actions. So this is easy. I’m going to sample 5 fish sandwiches from some of the large fast food chains here in Raleigh, and seeing which sandwich I like the best. I’m sacrificing my stomach for you, my fellow Catholics … or Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans or even Anglicans.

Now, another reason to appreciate what I'm doing is that under my current diet, I am no longer eating dairy, grains or processed foods, but for this week my diet is off. To make up for that, I am only buying the sandwich only - no combos.

So there you have it. I've given you 5 options to check on during the next 5 Friday's of Lent this year. Now it's time to get some extra walks on the greenway to burn off all this excess fish!