The Summer of Swine & Rosés

In the wine world, you typically hear Rosé as a "Summer" wine. And while you may hear the terms "Summer Whites" and "Winter Reds," but for anyone that knows us, knows that we never follow the norm. As a general rule, we do not like Rosé wine. We think of Beringer White Zinfandel, the wine of choice while in our 20s. 

However, in the past several of years, something astonishing has happened. Throughout our many visits to wineries and tastings, we discovered something interesting. A good Rosé wine. With each winery we would go to, we discovered a new found love. Is it a change in taste buds? A good year for the grapes? Or maybe a new secret recipe among the winemakers? Either way, along our journeys we started picking up bottles of this pink liquid and thought it would be a fun idea to do our own comparison of North Carolina Rosé wines. And to make things more interesting and taking a twist on the movie, 'The Day of Wine and Roses' we bring to you … A Summer of Swine and Rosés

We paired each Rosé with a pork dish over the course of several weeks. We rated each wine on smell, color, taste, sweetness/dryness and winery itself and came up with the following results.

Each one of these seven wines were good, and they were all ranked pretty close.