Warning! Riedel glassware may effect wines taste and smell ... in a GOOD way!

Enjoying the tasting at the Bedford Wine Club

Enjoying the tasting at the Bedford Wine Club

By Dathan Kazsuk

If you’re presented the opportunity to do a select wine-tasting for $15, which includes 4 samples of wine and 2 Riedel glasses to take home with you  – you best jump on that chance!

I was given that chance on April 25 at Bedford’s monthly Wine Club meeting. Morrisville’s Triangle Wine Company was kind enough to come in to Bedford’s clubhouse and pour 2 different types of Sauvignon Blanc and 2 different types of Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines were poured into the individual Riedel glasses made specifically for each varietal.

Triangle Wine Company’s Glenn Hagedorn talked about the history behind the Riedel family, who’s been in the glass business for over 300 years. In that time, twelve generations of the Riedel family have been keeping the business intact.

Each wine we tried was great. However, in my humble opinion, these glasses didn’t make the wine taste any different, going back and forth from the Riedel glass to the joker glass. But, I will let it be known that the “smell” and "temperature" of the wine does change drastically between the joker and Riedel glasses – in favor of the Riedel. 

Did you know:

  • The Riedel story began in 1678 in the Northern part of Bohemia – which is today the Czech Republic and part of Poland.

  • The third generation of Riedel’s opened the first glass factory in 1756, for the purpose of making glass window panes.

  • Walter Riedel, part of the 8th generation, signed a 5-year work contract with the Russian’s after their army conquered Berlin in 1945. He was then held in prison for 10 years.

It was nice getting a little history lesson while drinking wine. It would have made US History in high school go by a lot faster.

At the end of the night, we had 4 new glasses to add to our collection – which right now stands at about 60+ wine glasses. Honestly, I’m not a lush! Or am I?