About us


Triangle Around Town is a wine, beer and travel blog exploring the best in North Carolina beers, wines, libations and travel in the state we call home. From profiling up-and-coming businesses to at home wine/beer/food pairings, TAT is the one blog you should follow. 

Dathan and Jennifer were married in 2008 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jennifer originally hails from Detroit, but moved to Raleigh in 1995 looking for a new start. By day, she's a report developer and data analyst but by night, she enjoys new adventures in wine and beer while exploring all NC has to offer. Dathan comes all the way from San Jose, California, where he is a designer, journalist and photographer by day and by night, enjoys exploring the craft beer scene and has developed a new appreciation for wine. 

While at home, the two like to spend time with their two furry felines.  They have two rescue cats: Sleestak Snowduk and Winifred Waffles and three angel kitties: Mai-Tai, Oreo Cookie and Hamilton "Bones" Baxter. 

While not blogging about local events here in the Triangle-area, the two enjoy exploring the great state of North Carolina in addition to enjoying such hobbies as photography, travel, hiking, craft beer and drinking great wine. 

They have traveled to several wineries here in the state, as well as others in Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Florida and California and over 110 breweries in the state of North Carolina alone. They enjoy learning about new wine regions by attending wine tastings and classes and look forward to one day becoming Sommeliers and/or Ciccerones.

They started Triangle Around Town to share local events as well as share their own adventures. What they discovered on this journey was their love of craft beer and wine and following these NC industries to see how they've grown and what lies ahead. This discovery took them outside of Raleigh and across the state.